Kenya has attracted explorers and adventurers for centuries. One of the world’s most famous travel destinations, Kenya is renowned for its remarkable diversity of landscapes, animals and cultures. From vast plains to snowcapped mountain summits, Kenya provides a striking backdrop for Africa’s most classic safari adventures. Witness the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara. Hear elephants trumpet in Amboseli. Scout for rhinoceros making a comeback at Lewa. At night, tucked beneath canvas under a canopy of stars, listen to a lion roar across the savanna. It’s all here in Kenya, Africa’s original safari destination.

Kenya’s tremendous biodiversity includes 25,000 different animal species. In the Maasai Mara, the plains darken during the annual wildebeest migration, with predators in stealthy pursuit. The reserve has plenty of cheetah but is above all the Lion Kingdom, with large prides holding court. Other carnivores include spotted hyena, jackal and bat-eared fox. The Mara is home to large grazing herds of zebra, giraffe, buffalo, gazelle and topi. Hartebeest, waterbuck, dik-dik, duiker, klipspringer, oribi and the rare roan round out the antelope varieties. Crocodile and hippo are thick in the Mara and Talek rivers, while the acacia woodlands shelter 470 of Kenya’s 1100 bird species. Amboseli National Park, famed for elephants, also has some endangered rhinos, which are seen more often at Lewa Conservancy, a project devoted to their recovery. Visitors to Samburu may see leopard and two endemic species found only in northern Kenya: Grevy’s zebra and the reticulated giraffe.

No other African country boasts the diversity of Kenya. From its palm-fringed coast to the 17,057’ summit of Mt. Kenya, from lush tea plantations to desert scrub, Kenya’s varied landscapes are matched only by its variegated cultures. Kenya is bordered by the Indian Ocean, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. The Great Rift Valley bisects the central highlands, one of the richest agricultural regions in Africa. English and Swahili are the official languages. Kenya is the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, and its economy is dominated by tourism, transportation, communications and agriculture. Principal cash crops are tea, horticultural produce and coffee.