Welcome to our informative site, which has been comprehensively designed to be an informative guide for all our safaris and tours services and also an inspiration for those who love Africa.

Around the whole of East Africa, we boast of a whopping 15 years of tour experience which places our services among the best in the industry. You are spoiled for choice with our cost-effective, professional, tailor-made and personalized packages which have a specific goal of making your African experience memorable.

Our offices are strategically positioned in all the major safari regions in East Africa, with staff members who are highly trained and experienced in the industry. They warmly welcome you to Africa and their friendly touch ensures that you have a personalized service which translates to an unforgettable African experience.

Enjoy a wider choice of tour services by choosing us as your tour operator. We always strive to exceed your expectations, as it should be.

Welcome to Africa (Karibu Africa)

Martin Murimi,

Managing Director